In the shadows of Calvary Presbyterian Church, where the both the first sponsored house build, “Unity House,” and it’s successor, “Unity Kids Project,” were launched, ten area Presbyterian churches have taken up the cooperative mission to sponsor the first of the six two-story row houses to be built on Liberty Street Until now, the entire roster of Habitat house builds has been repair and rebuilding projects to improve existing housing stock in a transitional neighborhood.

PresbyBuild, as the project is known, will provide owner-occupied housing to a blighted inner city area of great need and also mark the first new construction project for Habitat Newburgh. With two other Habitat rehab projects in the area well underway, the Mission Committee of Union Presbyterian Church in the Town of Newburgh proposed the idea to neighboring churches and immediately gained support. The churches involved in PresbyBuild include:

  • Cornwall and Cornwall Canterbury

  • Highland

  • Marlboro

  • Montgomery

  • Monroe

  • Bethlehem in New Windsor

  • Washingtonville

  • Newburgh’s Union Calvary
  • The First Presbyterian Church in Goshen

In addition, PresbyBuild has received the support of the Presbytery and Synod governing bodies to finance and provide volunteers for this labor of love and goodwill.There is so much to be gained by building all six houses at the same time to combine efforts, share experience, supplies, resources, and labor as well as to make a true impact on the community by providing safety and comfort to the residents. If you are part of a group who could make a difference, talk to us about house sponsorship.